Responsible Visitor Charter

We adopt the best practice that we can in our day to day management of Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation. We also look to you, our visitors, to help us and follow an environmentally friendly approach during your visit.


As a responsible visitor, we would ask you to please consider the following ways you can help to reduce your impact on the environment

Conserve energy and water – when using doors, please close behind you, when using toilet facilities, please use water wisely.

Leave the car at home – whenever possible we would encourage visitors to leave their cars behind and walk, cycle, use public transport or any other environmentally friendly form of transport.

Reduce, reuse, recycle – when buying goods in our Gift Shop and Tearooms try to avoid a carrier bag if you don’t need it. We do allow picnics but please take all rubbish home and dispose of in the correct way.


Respect nature – help us to

• Look after our landscape and wildlife by not littering. Feel free to get up close to flowers and plants but please don’t disturb them


Support all Green Business and Tourism, we are all trying to make a difference!

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