Rescue Work

Eagle Heights Established in 1996

Over 20 years ago!


Since then we have taken in many animals from the RSPCA, general public and other rescue centres. Some of them have been injured in the wild, some abandoned by owners and others, subjects of abuse and cruelty. We have worked tirelessly to create an environment that these animals can recover, rehabilitate and have a brighter future. We always aim to provide rescued animals a forever home here but where this is not possible, we use our professional knowledge and skills to source a suitable alternative.


One of our most famous rescues are the Huskies! So far we have rescued over 30 dogs, a majority of which were facing a bleak future in kennels where, if a suitable home cannot be found, they are often put to sleep. Another well known rescue was our beloved camel, Shrek, who is sadly no longer with us. Shrek was brought here after a terrible start to his life, which included beating, circus acts and other unthinkable treatment. We are very proud to say that he lived with us for almost 10 years, his best friend was his neighbour, Donkey, and he was a huge character here at the Centre. Everyone that visited him fell in love with his grace!


As you can imagine, the full list of species rescued is extensive after nearly 25 years!


If you would like to view the list in full, please email the office and they will happily send a copy.

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